A love poem to a friend; or, when you adore someone so much it blurs the lines between romantic and platonic love

I could stare at them for hours
Whether they’re flouncing about the room
Or lounging lazily across their couch
Dark eyes fixed on the television screen

My eyes linger there too long
They turn to face me
Perhaps feeling my gaze
They make me nervous
But a special kind
That sets butterflies loose in my stomach

I look away
Not wanting them to feel uncomfortable
With my impenetrable gaze

My body angles towards theirs
I steal glances every now and again
Their lean stature with strong shoulders
Sharp, elven features
A jawline that could cut glass juxtaposed
With high, delicate cheekbones begging
To be bitten into

Long hair running down their narrow back
Black as ebony
Their gown just as dark
A corset binding
Their slender waist
Long fingertips glide across their lips
Painted a deep red

I imprint their image in my mind’s eye
I make them laugh so I can save and store the tune
Their arm touches mine
For a fraction of a moment
And time stops

I never want it to resume

Raelee Lancaster


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